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Inner Tube
Motorcycle Parts

  • Use Natural Rubber Material
  • High elasticity
  • Longer durability

Tyre Sealant
Motorcycle Parts

  • Applicable for tube type and tubless
  • Covering holes instantly

Brake Pad
Motorcycle Parts

  • Asbestor-base Lining, SPHC Plate 2.8 mm
  • Average brake pad usage: ±10.000 kms depends on the usage

Brake Shoe
Motorcycle Parts

  • Asbestor-base Lining, Aluminium material ADC12 shoe
  • Brake Shoe usage is to hold the wheels rotation. proper usage will result on durability

Motorcycle Parts

  • Standard usage is 2 years or equal to 24.000 kms
  • Dry Charger type with optional choice of conventional acid pack & Maintenance free

Gear Set
Motorcycle Parts

  • Sprocket material is S45C with Heat Treatment process which produced sprocket hardness 45-50 HRC.

    Chains are made of special material with Heat Treatment process resulting pull strains power to more than 2 tons and using high grade grease supported by high precision components tested for material fatigue tested for more than 3 millions cycle until the durability is well proven.

Motorcycle Parts

  • V-Belts are made for high mileage and reliability
  • Oil and heat resistant

Gear Oil
Motorcycle Parts

  • RCA Gear Oil is a premium gear oil ideally suited for shaft drive motorcycles. This full synthetic formulation uses pioneering lubrication technology that far surpasses conventional API GL-5 and MT-1 gear oils. It has full synthetic durability for maximum performance and wear protection under severe riding conditions.

Air Filter
Motorcycle Parts

  • Air intake filter. It can draw more air into your engine. As a result, it improves throttle response and more horsepower
  • RCA air filters are washable and reusable

Motorcycle Parts

  • Heat treatment processed, produce optimum hardness level and durability
  • Use high quality grease
  • Better resistance to water and dust because equipped with cover seal

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