Motorcycle Battery

RCA Battery

Battery or accu is an electric keeper  on charging cycle. Battery is crucial to motorcycles, as it supplies electricity to starter system so that the engine could start up.


Dry Charger type with optional choice of conventional acid pack & Maintenance free.

  • GM5Z-3B-KIT | 7Ah | MF
  • 12N5-3B-KIT | 6Ah | Conventional
  • GM5Z-3B-KIT | 5Ah | MF
  • GTZ-5S | 4Ah | MF
  • GTZ-7S | 6Ah | MF


Standard usage is 2 years or equal to 24.000 kms of usage depends on road character and the usage.

1GTZ-5S-MF Maintenance FreeHonda : Supra x 125, Karisma, Vario, Revo Yamaha : V – Ixion, Xeon, Mio Soul Suzuki : Shogun 125, Spin, Skydrive, Arashi Kawasaki : ZX 130, Athelete
2GTZ-7S-MF Maintenance FreeHonda : Vario Techno CBS Suzuki : Satria FU150 Kawasaki : Ninja 250
3GM5Z-3B-MF Maintenance FreeHonda : Prima/Grand, Impressa, Legenda, SupraX, Supra Fit, MegaPro Yamaha : Alfa, F1, F1Z, F1ZR, Crypton,, VegaR, Sigma, XZ, RZR, JupiterZ, JupiterMX, Mio Suzuki : RC80-110, Tornado, Shogun, Satria, Smash, Titan Kawasaki : Kaze, Blitz

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