Motorcycle Brake Pad

Kampas Rem Cakram RCA
RCA Premium Brake Pad

Brake pad performs braking function at motorcycles which often found at modern motorbikes. Applicability of brake pad is on the disc brake. Brake pad will grip the installed disc on wheels resulting to speed reduction.


  • Non Asbestos-base Lining
  • SPHC Plate 3.0mm with black painting matt soving
  • Produce premium class blend for your ride


Average brake pad usage: ±10.000 kms depends on the usage.

1RBSP-Y02  Mio, Mio J, Mio Soul, Fino, Xeon, Jupiter MX, New Vega R, Vega ZR, New Jupiter Z, Vixion, Byson, Scorpio
2RBSP-H01/H04  Supra, SupraX, Revo, Grand, Legenda, Karisma, Kirana, Supra X 125
3RBSP-H03  Vario, Beat, Scoopy, MegaPro, New Tiger
4RBSP-H04  Karisma, Kirana, Supra X 125
5RBSP-S01  Smash, Shogun
6RBSP-H02  Tiger 2000, GL Pro, GL Max
7RBSP-Y03  Jupiter Z, Vega ZR, RX King
8RBSP-Y01  Vega R, F1ZR, F1Z

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